What are other saying about Vassula’s and TLIG’s work

What People are Saying About Vassula’s Work


Faith Leaders

“… a return to the basics of the faith, (…)”Cardinal Napier, Archbishop of Durban, South Africa

“We need to hear voices like Vassula’s.”Dr. Bob Edgar – Former National Secretary of the
Council of Churches; CEO of Common Cause

“God’s chosen instrument… ”Bishop Anil Couto, Bishop of Jalandhar, Punjab, India

“All that we have heard [the TLIG messages] is what is written in the Bible, but this is in a very personal way and shows that the Lord continues to speak.”Archbishop Vincent Concessao, Archbishop of New Dehli, India

“Jesus is indeed speaking through them (the messages).”Fr. Edward D. O’Connor, CSC Theologian, University of Notre Dame

“Conforms to Gospel truth.”Cardinal Franjo Kuharic, Archbishop of Zagreb

“Doing a lot of good…”Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Archdiocese of Lipa, Philippines

“Part and parcel of the Church’s scriptural teachings and traditions.”Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, Theologian

“It is truly an extraordinary grace!”Bishop Joao Evangelista Terra, Brasilia

“Vassula Ryden, seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times.”Frane Franic, Retired Archbishop of Split

“I wish my support for Vassula Ryden to be known.”Fr. Michael O´Carroll CSSp, Theologian

“Vassula’s writings are an echo of the Gospel.”Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic, OFM, Theologian and Professor of Exegesis

“We believe that Vassula’s experience is authentic.”Fr. Robert Faricy and Sr. Lucy Rooney

“A new catalyst of spiritual rejuvenation…”Archbishop David Sahagian, Armenian Patriarchate

“Lord Jesus, thank You for Your messenger and bride, Vassula.”Fr. Theophil Pelgrims, Belgian Orthodox priest of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

“Christians cannot be completely deaf to the persuasion and advice of Vassula.”Fr. Ion Bria, Professor of Orthodox Theology

“… Submersion of God into Vassula’s soul.”Fr. Vladimir Zielinski, Russian Orthodox Theologian

“The messages emphasize the basic teachings of the Holy Bible.”Archbishop Seraphim Kykkotis of Zimbabwe and Angola

“The TLIG messages cause such transformations.”Archbishop Aris Shirvanian, Armenian Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Jerusalem

“Vassula has to be an instrument of divine providence.”Todor Sabev, Bulgarian Orthodox theologian and historian, former Deputy General Secretary of the World Council of Churches.

“The future of the church is ‘True Life in God.’”Cardinal Telesphore Toppo Ranji, India President of the Bishops Conference

“I wish my support for Vassula Ryden to be known (…)”Fr. Michael O’Carroll theologian and member of the Pontifical Marian Academy

“We pray with you (Vassula) for the sake of this unity.Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Peter feir, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch

“Spiritually beneficial to all.”Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. Bishop of Jamshedpur, India

“A tremendous source of hope.”Archbishop Vincent Concessao Archbishop Emeritus of Delhi

“This book of messages is a great gift that God has given humanity.  It contains the Divine Dialogue of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady and the Angels with Vassula Ryden (…) There is nothing in this book contrary to the Church’s authentic teaching on faith and morals.   I recommend this book to everyone.”Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel, CM Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa

“The best known prophet alive today.”Niels Christian Hvidt, Associate Professor Theology, University of Southern Denmark

“The Patriarchate’s doors will always be open to you.”Theodore II, Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

“We should take the message … and carry it to the peoples of all the earth.”Theofylaktos, Metropolitan of Tripoli

“In TLIG there are many people who come back to the home of the Father.”Archbishop Jeremiah Ferens, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous, Orthodox Church in South America

Lay People

“It contains our Lord’s desires for our generation.”Nicole Vinagrera – Cavite, Philippines

“I have gone back to the sacraments of the church.”Mbali Shija – Cape Town, South Africa

“This message gives hope.”Andreas Buscher – Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

“They have drawn me incredibly close to Jesus.”Andrew Fonesca – Cairns, Australia

“TLIG has awakened me like nothing has before.”Angela Bonilla – Maui, Hawaii

“I experience His Holy Presence.”Anne Marie Wright – Bedford, UK

“It has brought me healing.”Alice Tsuwi – Bern, Switzerland

“Through TLIG we can know God truly.”Ana Maria Pires – São Paulo, Brazil

“Scripture was opened for me.”Bruce Henderson – Indianapolis, USA

“God molded me and built me up again through the messages.”Christel Hoffman – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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