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I See the Supernatural

I See the Supernatural

I‘ve been called to see the supernatural…

If you met me on the street you would never suspect this. I look and act much like everyone else. I’m not a nun or a recluse or a gypsy fortune-teller. I’m just like you, yet I’m invited to see in visions a world – a dimension – far beyond you and me.

It’s an invisible world that surrounds us – a world of Angels, and demons, and powers and forces that affect every moment of our lives. I see that world, and seeing it changes the way I see our material world. It helps me grasp the hidden meaning behind so many unanswered questions in our lives.

Where do people go when they die?

  • Is there a Heaven…and a Hell and anything in between?
  • Do demons or evil spirits exist, or are they just a myth?
  • Does everything happen for a reason?
  • If God is good, why does He allow us to suffer?
  • Can dreams or premonitions tell us the future?
  • Are we living in the last days?

Will there be, in the end, any divine justice?

Unending questions…about life, and death, and what we are all doing here.


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